Chicago Day Two

If you missed the first day of chicago, check it out here!

The day started early on Saturday, with a trip on the bus

to have breakfast at the top of the Hancock Building.

We had a beautiful view!

And great company! I defiantly recomment doing this when you visit chicago. Just get there at 11 when they open or make reservations!

After our bellies were full. We walked around downtown. I absolutely LOVE chicago

We visited the bean!

Which is right by the skating rink

Across the street, was the cultural center. It is gorgeous!

Which was getting all set up for a holiday party.

 Wouldnt this be beautiful for a wedding reception?

 The girls w/ grandma inside the cultual building

Maybe Ill get married here first…haha

After a lasagna dinner, it was time for the blue man group!

(yep. I got my picture w/ ablue man!)

If you havent seen them, its a must! So weird and crazy, but so good at the same time haha

Then it was time to head home and relax!

My mom also made a new friend- Meet Louie my cousin’s dog

Question for you:

How was your day?

Have you ever been to the places above?

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