Dating Update

I few months ago, I signed up for (for the second time) after a poll haha

I went on a few dates. Talk to several people.

Some were nice guys, others just not my type, and some I didn’t talk to at all.


A few weeks ago, I went out w/ David. After several dates, I just knew he wasn’t the one. Nice guy. just not the one.

Since then, I started talk to a few people. But no click. I was actually thinking about giving in. Just taking a break.


And then Cody started talking to me. We have talked for two weeks now. (thats a long time in the match world haha)

And last night we went on our very first date.

We went to a blues game.

yes. I do this a lot on first dates. I find a sporting eventing much better than dinner, where you just sit there and stare at eachother. Or a movie, where you can’t talk at all.

The blues game went really well. We seem to have the same type of humor. He is also very much a gentleman (which is one of things I look for).


Well I better tell you all a little bit about him.

He is 27 and a dentist in Illinois, but from Tennesse (love his accent) He is a captain in the air force, but has never flown a plane. He is an only child, and his parents live back home. He likes to hunt and fish, and drives a truck.

 After the game, we went to get something to eat. I hadn’t had anything since 1, except for a pretzel at the game. We talked. Shared a lot of things in our lives. Past and present.

It felt that we had known eachother. Were friends for at least longer than one night. We laughed constantly.

Around midnight, he kissed me goodbye and opened my car door and said goodnight. Asking, that I send him a message when I made it home safe.


There is going to be another date sunday. Just not sure what we are going to do.

Ill keep you guys updated!


Dont forget to help make a little boys dream come true! It will only take a minute for us, and mean the world to him.

5 thoughts on “Dating Update”

  1. Oooh so excited! I agree with the sporting events thing. So much easier to relax and be yourself in that type of atmosphere. Dinner can be really awkward and movies are a definite no for me (just because I find going to the movies slightly boring and very energy draining too!) Have fun on Sunday!!!

  2. Wooo-hooo!!! I’m glad you had a fun first date!! I hope this time he will be “the one”!! But at least for now, he sounds like he’ll be a really nice friend, if nothing else. Thanks for sharing your on-line dating “adventures”!! It’s fascinating to me–the idea of meeting someone on-line, and hearing about it first hand is very interesting to an “old school” dater like me ( whose last “date” was in the mid-80’s!! Hahahaha!!!)

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