busy bee

sorry the past week has been crazy. but not only that, my mom, who is letting me use her camera (since I lost mine), she has been using it (BOOO) (I had to steal it back haha)

(and Im hoping Santa brings me a camera, or I can get a good deal on one after christmas)


A lot has happened!

The family got together for Christmas card pictures

Andrew and I will be sending our VERY FIRST christmas card just the two of us. The family photo will be sent out by my parents.

(if you want a card, send me your address. seriously. Just email me livinlifeinlouie@gmail.com.)


Justin the elf has been moving around the house!

My house started falling apart! the sink started leaking all over, the cabinet had to come out…….:-( And one of the electric outlets upstairs started smoking!

Andrew and I went to breakfast w/ Santa at my old gradeschool

We went to a Billikens basketball game

I started a new project

I also went on another date w/ Cody.  On Sunday night we went to get dinner. Thai food to be exact. I have never had Thai before. We got crab rangoon and then I got sweet and sour chicken. It was ok.

We then grabbed some starbucks. (yup. He loves starbucks and loved the pumpkin spice latte this fall. He might be a keeper! haha)








With our coffee ready, we headed to Our Lady of the Snows. This is located in Illinois and is one of my favorite places. There are over 1 MILLION lights and they start putting them up in October !!!!

(sorry not the best picture)

The place is absolutely gorgeous and my family has been visiting for years on Christmas Eve. So it was nice to share this with Cody who has never been, but says there is a similar place in Kentucky, where he is from.

So far, he is an extremely nice guy and defiantly has the southern charm that has been lacking in my previous relationships. BUT its only been a few dates haha. Ill keep you guys updated!

Question for you:

What Thai food do you usually order?

7 thoughts on “busy bee”

  1. You have certainly been busy! Sounds like a lot of fun! LOVE Thai food!!!! Before Paleo, I was a Pad Thai girl…last time we went, I tried something new….totally loved it! Can’t remember what it is now, I’ll have to get back to you on that! It had chicken, yummy fresh veggies, cashews (how can you go wrong with cashews!?) coconut and peanut maybe?…but I also tried the Coconut Soup for the first time….Oh, my! It was heaven in a bowl. I wanted to go into the kitchen and just take then entire pot home…It had chicken and fresh veggies in the lovely coconut soup …. mmmmm….. I did find a recipe online, I’m going to have to take it with me to the Asian market so they can collect all of the ingredients for me so I can try to make it at home.

  2. I have only had Thai food once when I worked at the library on congress a few summers back. It was quite tasty though I am pretty sure I just played it simple with a chicken dish. I can’t wait to hear more about your dates and I am glad he seems like a really nice guy! Hope Andrew is getting excited for Santa 🙂

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