Its time to take a nap

Today was a little stressful. Well it started last night when I talked w/ Cody and he has to head home this weekend, so no date šŸ˜¦

I was am bummed. But we have other plans to meet up.

So this morning, I wasn’t in the best mood. And then Im still dealing w/ my bathroom sink šŸ˜¦ ….. or lack there of……

I grabbed some coffee. Took Andrew to school. and headed to Sams. Then my dad went to my HOME AWAY FROM HOME……Home Depot.

Of course, the cabinet that was there was SO tiny (since its a tiny bathroom) and I will either have to make it myself, order something, or do something completely different in the bathroom. (anyone else see all the $$$$$ flying out the window.)

DEEP breath.

Ok. Im better.

Those are fake flowers from walmart $0.50! and the vase and rocks from Ikea (my <3)

The whole way home from my second home, I was thinking. I need to run. I need to run.

I could feel the stress level RISING!

And that is exactly what I did. A nice and easy three miles in the 50 DEGREE WEATHER we are having here in St louis. And I am absolutely LOVING!

It was awesome. And then it became perfect when I took a nap.

I have a BILLION things on my TO DO LIST. But I put that all on hold. I needed the rest and “me time” (you guys know I have problems w/ this sometimes. but Im working on it!)

Sorry for all this, but Im going to leave you with a happy picture of Justin the Elf!

Question for you:
what is the temp like where you are?

Are you running, biking, swimming, or just chilling this winter?

4 thoughts on “Its time to take a nap”

  1. Earlier in the week it was really cold – then the last 2 days were very mild (though I didn’t take advantage and run…) and today it feels like the wind has kicked up the chill again….still in the 40’s but the wind goes right through you!
    Glad you got a run in…love those mild days when it feels like an extra special treat that you get to go out for a run w/o being bundled up!

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