Do you ever feel that you want to do A MILLION different things, but don’t have the time,money, etc?


I want to run and workout everyday.

I want to go on pinterest and find a million crafts to do.

I want to lose 40lbs.

I want to dance. (I LOVEEEEE dancing.)

I want to have money to buy some great clothes (and a pair of black boots!)

I want to have someone that loves me back.

I want my bathroom sink to be fixed (and not for a lot of $$$)

I want to eat healthy and not shove fatty/sugary crap food into my mouth.

I want to decorate my house for christmas because I love the holiday!

I want to get along w/ my son’s dad and his family.

I want to not get hungover after a night of drinking.

I want to feel happy that I am being a great mom (and never feel guilty for taking “me time” haha yea right)

I want to complete a full marathon. (even though I have said I would NEVER do one.)

I want a really really fancy camera. (so I can take great food pictures of course!)

I want to have a big family. (ive always wanted 4 or 5 kids)

I want the visitors that have found room in my house to leave. (mice. that means you! not andrew haha)

I want to get 9 hours of sleep a night.

I want it to snow once. and then get warm again. (in the 50s-70s haha)

I want people to return text messages. (one of my pet peeves)

I want Andrew to grow up to be a nice, caring, thoughtful, smart, intelligent, and handsome young man who makes a difference in this world.


Some of you might be wondering why I wrote this long list of complaints wants. And the answer is simple. I want to do accomplish many things in my life. For things to go my way, and turn out Happily Ever After. I know this is not real life.

But the past week (aside from my trip to chicago) I have felt very rushed. Trying to get everything done. To take care of everyone. Find the perfect gift. Get the house ready for the holidays. Meet someone special. basically, do it all in one week.

And I bet you can tell what areas I am trying DESPERATELY to do, but I never have time (or thats my excuse). Working out and eating right. they just keep getting pushed aside. I know this weekend is Christmas with lots of goodies. So its not the prime time to say IM LOSING THIS WEIGHT AND EATING BETTER! But I need to start scheduling workouts. I think if I have a time that I have to work out (have some sort of plan) than I can get those workouts in.

Ok. I just needed to get that out. I havent been blogging much so it has been just sitting here. And it was time I let it out! haha

Question for you:
What is something you want?



5 thoughts on “Wants”

  1. Good to get it all out! And, that you can identify those things as things you want to do/get out of life is so positive! Many of us grumble that we aren’t happy, but don’t know what it is that is creating that feeling of discontentment….at least you have things to strive for…
    You have a lot on your plate right now…you need to prioritize what you won’t compromise on – exercise? food? a budget? making yourself a priority? Find one and make a plan you can stick with…then as that becomes just a “part of you” and you don’t have to think about it, then pick another one to focus on until that becomes a part of daily life….might take some time of reflection, soul searching and trial/error….but you can do it! You can have all of those things. Just might take some time, effort and patience….

  2. I feel ya! At least you know what you want!! I felt that way all semester. No me time. I agree with Tiff, make a plan. Pick one thing that is a priority and make sure you do it every day! That way you at least have one thing that you knew you did for yourself!

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