Getting ready for christmas

Today was extremely productive. I followed some awesome advice from these comments, and made some priorites. First up, THE GYM! (yep I made this my #1 goal today)

I then got a little pretty (sorry bad picture, i looked better than this picture shows I promise haha)

I then ran my booty all around St Louis. Target. Then to send out my christmas cards!

Arent the stamps cute!

Then I had to mix up some cookies for my mom. chocolate chip!

After licking the spoon clean, I headed to sports authority and to get something for my dad. It was a crazy busy day and this was all before noon!!!! So I was starving!

Lunch was finished in about 90 seconds and then I wrapped presents while watching The Santa Clause III….until I ran out of tape……darn it!

One of the last things on my list was setting the table for christmas. I will have to wash everything, but I just wanted to see how it looked put together

Not too shabby, but I have a few things in mind when xmas is over and they are cheaper! 🙂


Food Update: I did eat some sweets today, maybe Ill do a food blog tomorrow. But I ate alot better than I have been, so Im making progress. And I did 35 min on the treadmill (got up to a 9.5 speed!) and then did weights for 30 min. I actually had to tell myself to leave to get other stuff done haha.

Question for you:

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

-I am watching Elf right now, and love the Holiday and Love Actually. But my all time favorite is Its A Wonderful Life. I watch it every Christmas Eve.


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for christmas”

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Glad you got the workout in first so that the rest of the day didn’t take over and leave you with no time for it…and I’m sure that it helped you become more productive for the rest of the day too, you had endorphins running through your body, you accomplished something you wanted to do, you didn’t have it “hanging over your head” for later….see, LOTS of benefits!!!
    Table looks beautiful! I do enjoy the Christmas movies…and my kids love the 24 hours of A Christmas Story…a tradition my husband brought to them…I’d never even heard of that movie until after I met him! I love any of the old Bing Crosby Christmas movies (Bells of St. Mary, White Christmas, etc) and the REALLY old, black and white Babes in Toyland with Laurel and Hardy and A Christmas Carol! I used to watch them with my Grandparents every year and to me that’s Christmas!

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