Get off your booty

Even though this morning started on a not so happy note, this evening was a different story. I ate well today and made it to the gym!

Breakfast: my favorite egg sandwich. It just never gets old!

Coffee for the trip to the pediatrician

Lunch: Macaroni, veggies, and shrimp. W/ a laughing cow cheese and parmesan cheese

Dessert: three cookies

Snack: popcorn

Dinner: Yogurt, strawberries, and granola (my stomach isnt feeling too good) and cookies from my parents.

My appetite has been really low the past two days. I hope I’m not getting sick too!!!

Andrew is spending the night at my parents because I work tomorrow, so instead of just going home and eating the refrigerator, or sitting on my booty. I went to the gym!!!! I did 30 minutes on the treamill of intervals- it was perfect!! Im so glad I went!

 Now its time for bed, praying that I will get called off tomorrow (a girl can dream) while watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Question for you:

What have you been doing for exercise now that it is getting cold?


4 thoughts on “Get off your booty”

  1. I was running in the cold and today, Santa gave me some more nice cold weather gear…now if my thigh would only cooperate and stop hurting, my treating practitioner will release me to run! I’ve had the week off and it doesn’t look like I’ll be running this week either…need to find something to do, I’m going stir crazy! AACK!!!

      1. not sure, really. It started as a nagging tightness/soreness up toward my hip flexor…not really too bad, actually. Then it started bothering me when I was doing regular stuff, bending over, squatting to get laundry out of the dryer, getting up from a chair…still not running. Went for an x-ray yesterday…no fracture, but I’ve had a hip stress fracture in the past and it didn’t show on the x-ray then, either. So, we are going to keep resting it, keep seeing my practitioner for treatment of stretching and if there is still no improvement in 3 weeks, go for the MRI… I am allowed to do other exercise, just nothing with impact. And I can walk. So, looks like I’ll be walking for the next 3 weeks for cardio and really focus on working core (which is what I had to do last time I had a fracture! I got away from it for a few months and look where it got me!!!)

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