A christmas miracle!!

I have SOOO much to update everyone on for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Andrew and I are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends.  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


I want to do the holiday justice, so it will have to wait till tomorrow, but I will let you in on ONE of the best things to happen 🙂



On Christmas Eve, I received my present from Andrew and it was a brand new camera! I was so excited! you guys know Ive needed one since August when I lost it in Michigan 😦 . But that camera had some pictures and videos that were never uploaded on my computer. I was completely bummed for months!!! I even called stores, restaurants, and City Hall in the town asking if anyone had found it. Ive been stealing borrowing my moms since then.

Around noon on Christmas Day, we opened gifts from my parents and then headed home for a nap before going to grandmas house. Andrew and I arrived at my grandparents around 5pm. First, my mom hurries over to me, hands me a pink 31 bag and tells me to go open it in front of everyone. Um what? Why would I go open something in front of everyone when they aren’t openning anything…….but I went with it.

And this is what I say. “Um. Is this my camera Andrew gave me last night” (I was thinking I had left it at my parents, and they were trying to say – LOOK. you already lost it haha)


THIS is the camera I lost in MICHIGAN!!!!!! IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently earlier in the day, my mom was getting a bag out of her closet, and it fell out on the floor!  all she kept saying was “OH MY GOD. You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!!”

Well she put some tissue paper in a 31 bag and gave it to me! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

I have been smiling ALL NIGHT! I can’t wait to charge the battery and get the pictures on my computer. (Im still not sure what I will do with the camera I got last night.) But really!!! talk about a strange event happening on Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing day and I will catch up all up soon!


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