OHH sugar

sugar coma. sugar addiction. sugar hangover.

Call it whatever you like, I’ve got it.

From all the cakes, cookies, and candy this weekend. I was REALLY dragging at work yesterday.

I just felt BLAH. I didn’t have any energy (imagine that) and I need to get it together!















and this weekend I really didn’t eat TOOO bad. There have been years when I was rolling on the floor in pain from being stuffed!!

I need to get out of this funk! And I know that getting a good workout in, will do the trick.


I also need to stay away from the cookies and peanut M&Ms that I have already shoved in my mouth are all around the NICU!!!!!

This morning I did make it to the gym. I also got up to a speek of 8.5, which is a 7min mile. (but I only ran it for a minute during intervals) My goal is to try to get up to two minutes at that speed, and just keep going. (we’ll see…..haha)

Question for you:

Do you feel a sugar rush? and the crash afterwards?

What are you doing to get back on track after the holiday?

6 thoughts on “OHH sugar”

  1. I don’t really have too much trouble with sugar now…I think that before this year it was a problem…though my trigger was more ice cream….I needed the sweet, creamy, melt in your mouth sensation…
    I did have a “non-paleo” Christmas dessert – it was really yummy….chocolate cream pie with cherries….yum! Creamy, chocolately, gooey deliciousness! Thanks to my mother in law….but got right back on track with paleo. Now I really have to be careful since I’m on the “injured reserve” from running. Really need to focus on cross training to burn my calories! I HATE that!!!!

  2. LoL, I have never really noticed the sugar high and crash honestly. Even this weekend, I tried to notice it after loads of cookies but nope, nothing. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel crappy after eating crappy but I just don’t feel it all at once!

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