Christmas break

wow. I almost took a week off from blogging! I missed it, but I have been exhausted! And its been crazy. I took a little break. Mostly because I have been sleeping or running around

  • So first up. Cody and I stoped talking. I was a little upset at first, but realized I still want certain things, and he just wasn’tcutting it. A few days ago, I started talking to Ryan. We went out last night. So far, so good. haha
  • Andrew and I went bowling. We had an AMAZING time together! Luckily, sadly he goes back to school tomorrow……. And Ican get my life back in order haha
  • Today I got a great gift from Angie! I love getting mail. Even if it is just a letter, or whatever! And this was all about sprinkles- so you guys know I was in heaven! I can’t wait to meet her, tiffany, and some many other blogger friends. Someday….
  • I got some new running kicks!reebox real flex. This year I am ALREADY signed up for a half and FULL marathon! EEK!
  • I worked my first night shift at work in two years. I was so lucky to get christmas day off, but the person I switched w/ was working New Years Eve night shift. I jumped on the chance, but at 2 am on new years day, i started getting nauseus and it didn’t go away.
  • I have been completely exhausted. I know the night shift didn’t help. but I feel that it maybe more. My mom wants me to get my B12 and iron checked. Hers are so low, and she thinks that might be my problem. I want to get up and move, I just don’t have the energy

Question for you:

What have you been up to?

Did you make any new years resolutions?

7 thoughts on “Christmas break”

  1. No resolutions here…I never remember them past the first 2 weeks anyway! Love the cute gift from Ang…how adorable and perfect for you!!!
    Hope you are feeling better…while you are checking iron and B12, have your D checked too!!

  2. Haha I read that first paragraph that says “sleeping or running around” as “sleeping around” Ha!!
    No resolutions here, just goals. When you try to turn your life upside down with a resolution, it just doesn’t work! But goals work 🙂
    And I think the B12 and Iron this is a good idea. It does affect your energy levels a lot but then again, you are a busy bee. I have been tired lately too but I know that’s because I’ve been lazy. Ha! Funny how laying around makes you more tired.
    Glad you liked your gift!!!

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