New Years Resolution

My New Years Eve was spent taking care of some pretty sick kiddos in the NICU, and if I couldn’t spend it with my own little guy, then working was ok with me. But I didn’t have much time to think about what I want this year.

 I have seen a few blogs talking about their resolutions for the new year.

Some want to lose weight. Run a certain amount. Join a certain group. Or try something new. Others, wait till January to pick what they want for the new year, and others just go w/ the flow and just want a happy healthy year.

SO when I got to thinking. There are three things I want in this new year:

  • I want to be a better, more PRESENT mom.

Sometimes, I worry about the mess. Or all the things I need to do that day. And a lot of the time, Andrew is not the focus. Or I’ll have my phone or computer by me. I need to be the mom, I know I can be!

  •  I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out w/ this dude all the time! haha


  • Run a marathon. Well I am signed up for the FULL marathon next fall. EEK!

(this is from my FIRST half marathon in 2009!)


  • I want to lose some LBS.

I haven’t made a plan yet. I need one that works for me. A year and a 1/2 ago, I used and that REALLY helped me lost about 20 lbs. WELLLLL those lbs are back, but spark is just another website I have to be on (I still go on there, but I need something new!) I have also started cleaning out the house, and getting rid of “junk”. But now I just need some help to stay w/ it. Any suggestions to stay accountable?

Question for you:

What did you do for new years eve?

Do you have a resolution?

9 thoughts on “New Years Resolution”

  1. I hear you with #1!!! There are certainly times when I am not focusing on the girls and I know that I am more worried about the mess, the errands, the clock….I need to stop and pay better attention to what they need at that moment when they start to meltdown and really only want my attention…not me saying, “I need you to….”

    Gonna run that marathon with you, girl! So excited and motivated to do the training! Can’t wait!!!

    I can help you if you want with the food/weight thing. Just give me the word…we’ll come up with some short-term goals, some long-term goals…accountability…you name it! One thing that I really want to accomplish this year (not really a resolution, more a goal?) is to become a Certified Personal Trainer so that I can then apply to the program so that I can become a Certified Wellness Coach! Yup, gonna look to make a career move in my mid-forties! Am I crazy!?!? Maybe…but it is something that I’ve wanted to be involved with for almost 20 years….just never had the guts to make the move….You can be my “practice”!!!! 🙂

    1. Way to go Tiff on the career change! That is too cool! I thought it would be fun to get a certification in nutrition or training and do it as a side job but with my fellowship at school, I’m not allowed to have a “Second job” so I don’t know if they would frown upon it. I am just so jealous right now! Which certification are you thinking about?

    2. you would be an awesome wellness coach! you do that for me EVERY WEEEK! haha. And I would love for you to help me! (even though you do so much already!)
      Gosh Im think Im so excited for you to get your personal trainer certification. When are you going to get started! angie and I will be your biggest cheer leaders!

  2. I want to be a more “present” mom too.
    It’s hard to not focus on getting dinner ready, cleaning up and doing what needs to be done rather than just sit and play a game after dinner. I found with one child I could play more because after he went to bed I cleaned but now I have 2 and it seems the chores are never ending.

  3. I know what you mean about spark people and needing a new site. I still like their food tracker better than any other one I’ve used because its fast for me. But to help you out, here are some sites you might want to try: (you can use the site without having the fitbit itself) (has a great APP for android) (has a great support community and lots of “challenges” you can join)

    These are all great healthy goals! You are going to great on your first marathon!!!

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