Filling the closet

Yesterday, I had some christmas returns to make before working all weekend 😦

I was running around getting a TON done. I also got some things for me. I realized that I have been a little down on myself. I seriously look in the mirror w/ disgust. Nothing fits, I have a big booty, blah blah.

So I decided. I needed to get clothes that actually fit. Items that will make me feel like ME 🙂

First up was Gordman’s. I got a sparkly shirt and some ear rings.

I don’t have much in the gold department, but I really liked the earrings and ring. and some $10 sunglasses

I also just happened upon H&M. I ❤ this store and wanted to buy a million things!

I found this sweater. Which is actually really cute and fits well, and not as grandma-ish as it appears. But it is too big, so I need to get a smaller size

This shirt has sparkles!

And looks really good with jeans and my GO TO jacket. Not sure about the shoes though

I also got a dress.

Don’t I look like Kate Middleton?? hahaha. Just need a prince to go w/ it

Question for you:

What is your favorite store to buy clothes from?

– The past year, I have gotten clothes from target……And a pair of jeans from clothes. So I obviously needed to go get some clothes

7 thoughts on “Filling the closet”

  1. Lately, my clothes are all “hand-me-downs”!!! I have 2 friends who emptied their closets of clothes that don’t fit and lucky for me, they are my size! I don’t even know how to shop for cute things…I will need a lesson from my daughters if I need to shop in the future….though, I could get a lesson from you in the Fall!!! We did say running, coffee and shopping, right!?!?

  2. I have been very unhappy with clothes shopping lately! Hmph! I used to shop at Express but their stuff just hasn’t appealed to me lately. Now I usually stick to Macys for “interesting” pieces and TJ Maxx or Marshalls for everything else!

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