When its just too quiet….

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine started w/ being oncall for work 😦

Luckily, I didnt get call in and I made it to Andrew’s basketball game. Which was HILARIOUS. next time I will have to post a video. They are just starting to learn the rules. I laughed for 45 minutes straight. I love basketball and played when I was younger, so it is fun to be on the other side (although, I would love to play again)

After the game, Andrew went to his dad’s 😦

But I didn’t sit around. I headed to the gym. I am defiantly feeling a difference, now that Im back to kicking booty. I usually run or bike for 30 minutes and then hit the weights. Before I would only do cardio, but can tell that the weights are helping. I have even had three different people ask if I lost weight. I don’t think I have, but I just feel I am carrying myself better.

Saturday night was spent w/ some friends from highschool. We had mexican and some margaritas! I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures. SOOO not me haha. I wore this outfit, but with different shoes


Anywho, my Sunday started out like this.

I layed in bed till 10. AHHH WHAT! Then it was time to catch up on blogs (in my pjs) and then I hooked up my new printer. I actually got a lot done. While watching Bewitched. Love this movie w/ WIll Ferrel and Nicole Kidman

Then it was gym time again. I actually saw a guy working out on the machines. He was a pretty buff guy. So I might have watched him a time or two. He then walked over to a lady on one of the machines and told her he had one more set to finish. and she got off. Im pretty sure my jaw hit the ground. I mean WHO DOES THAT! haha. He may have seen me shaking my head at him….

The rest of the day was spent being bored. Really. It was quiet. And I hate quiet.

Also, got my hair cut. Makes me think of Jennifer Aniston for some reason haha

I was also rocking my SMS swimming shirt. (yep. I still wear tshirts from my college. But I didn’t graduate from SMS, but I guess thats another story for another day) (I thought of HOLLY and NikKi )

Man. I look tired

I also decided I needed a way to chart my progress, so I printed off a calendar (thank you yahoo!) I want to keep track of workouts and weigh ins. Well see how this goes…….

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?

6 thoughts on “When its just too quiet….”

  1. Love the haircut! Sounds like a great weekend…very excited for you about your gym commitment! Way to go!!!
    This weekend, I donated blood, attended a 5 1/2 hour workshop for work, ran kids around (a lot) cleaned the house and lost my voice…exciting, huh!?!?
    Make it a great week!!!

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