splinter leads to ice cream

The day started out with  a very quick workout.

 Andrew was going to be home from his dad’s at 9:45. So I was up and moving at 8. I hit the gym and ran while trying to reading. I haven’t brought a magazine w/ me in forever.

I started w/ the treadmill and only read 1/2 the magazine. I was bookin’ it! I ran for 30 minutes and was a sweaty mess! then 12 minutes riding on the bike before home and shower and then ANDREW GOT HOME!

and then we had to go to the doctor. Andrew got a splinter in his heel, and it was pretty deep. (i swear I should get this visit free considering how much we have been there the past few months!!! haha)

Splinter is removed. Tears wiped.  Time for sweets!

The evening was spent w/ ice cream

While watching Planet Earth

Andrew and I love this show. And I actually learned a lot too!

Like Andrew’s coffee table? haha A lego box!

It was then bath time, when Andrew asked “Mom. How was your day”  (I did have to chuckle, because we were together ALL DAY haha)

I defiantly smiled. It was the best part of my day!

Question for you:

Can you read while working out?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

9 thoughts on “splinter leads to ice cream”

  1. I can read if I’m walking on the treadmill…not running, that’s for certain! Ang is a very talented multi-task runner – she snaps the most awesome pix while running and she can even text!!!! I’m too busy trying to move and breathe at the same time!!!! 🙂
    Favorite ice cream is really anything in the “coffee” family…or a really dark chocolate (Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate comes to mind..)
    Have a great week!!

    1. I like it. I find that some of it, just names the basics. but then it has some really interesting articles about what other people are doing (and most of them are twice or three times my age!) very inspirational

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