I beat sugar

Kristen 1

Candy 0

haha. thats right. Today. NO CANDY. I did it.

After yesterdays candy ATTACK. I knew I needed to stay away from it today (but it wasn’t easy!)

I did eat a huge bagel…but we wont count that……..

but hey. its progress.

SO I found a way to use my sugar, but NOT eat it haha

it is called sugar scrub.  Has anyone ever tried this? 

Question for you:

Have you ever mix something up that was “home made”

-Did you know people make their own soap, laundry deterent, etc?

3 thoughts on “I beat sugar”

  1. I knew you could do it!!! Way to go, girl! 🙂
    Good use for your sugar! I have not tried to make my own…it would first mean that I have to buy sugar…I know there are a few Paleo sites that advocate making one’s own cleaners/etc…hair washing with apple cider vinegar and baking soda is popular, too…let me know if you want to go “au natural” and I’ll send you the sites…too hard for me with the brood I have…I need time saving grab from the store for that kind of stuff. I’m willing to put the time into the food, not the other! Maybe some day!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Way to go!!!
    And home made stuff is fun but I don’t have the time. I bought some all natural homemade olive oil based soap at a local craft show. I was hoping it would help my dry skin but it melts away too fast to make it cost effective right now!

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