Fixing a few things

After working the past three days (and a rough three days at that. and im not talking about the sugar), I woke up and took Andrew to school. And then it was back to bed for me. I needed it. And it was awesome!!! Im glad I did, considering what was to come….

Then it was time to hit the gym. I ran 30 minutes and then hit the weights. While lifting, I got hit on by an older gentleman. And by older I mean about 50.
I thought man. If the younger men talked to me as much as the older, I wouldn’t be single haha.

After lifting, I noticed something wasn’t right

It is the ring my mom gave me when we went to Ireland last year.

I guess I was lifting harder than I thought haha. Nothing my little pliers couldn’t fix.

I then tried a new recipe. W/ coconut flour.

They didn’t turn out. I don’t think Andrew and I will ever like something w/ coconut flour. We must try almond flour- I wonder if trader joe’s has it?

Around noon, I got a call from Andrew’s school. He was running a fever and his throat hurts 😦

PLEAASSE no more strep throat! Weren’t we just at the doctor?!!? Oh yes. We were!

Verdict: no strep. Just sore throat. No fever.

Soooo Andrew and I had a night in of pizza. (I made it flat this time)

Can you guess which side was mine?? haha. and left overs for tomorrow!

Then ice cream while we watched the Dolphin Tail. It was actually really cute.

It is also my friend’s birthday- so we made this video for her!

(still don’t know why wordpress wont let me post the video on here)

Question for you:

How was your Friday?

Have you ever tried coconut, almond, or peanut flour?

-I LOVVVEEE peanut flour


9 thoughts on “Fixing a few things”

  1. Trader Joes does have almond…in my store it’s by where they have the dried fruit and nuts/trailmix stuff….It’s labeled Almond Meal and it’s WAY cheaper there then anywhere else I’ve gotten it.

    Coconut flour is tricky to use. It is so highly absorbent that you really need either a ton of liquid/eggs or just a little bit of the flour. It can make things dry and crumbly in seconds. I will try to email you some coconut flour recipes that we use often with success. In fact, I made pancakes this morning, so just an idea of how little you need…(remember I was making for a family of 6) 3 bananas, 5 eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, 1 TBS coconut flour. Used immersion blender to blend really well (coconut flour has a habit of clumping). That’s it! Very little of the flour… When I make it for just one or two of the girls, I just use 1 banana, 1 or 2 eggs and sprinkle just a little of the flour to thicken it up.

    As for the older gentleman, he’s been around and KNOWS a good thing when he sees it! Something to be said for age! 😉 When you start making cracks about 40 somethings I just might have to visit you sooner!!! As long as you call 50’s older and not 40’s we’re good!!! LOL! I remember thinking my parents were ancient in their 40’s … I don’t think I”m anywhere near ancient now that I’m there!! Funny how perspective changes….

    Have a fantastic weekend and glad you made it through a tough week…you are STRONG!!!

    1. wow! I was using WAYYYYYY too much coconut flour! I need to print off the recipe for pancakes. Andrew and I love pancakes. I also need to make it to trader joes…maybe tuesday…

      And I didn’t mean he was “old” Just that he was too “old” to be hitting on me. and I would NEVER call you old. Your in better shape mentally and physically than me! haha

  2. I haven’t tried many other flours! I am a bit fan of oat flour though. Makes delicious pancakes!
    And you wear your jewelry to the gym??? I even take out my earings! I especially take off my rings. Then again, I have sensitive skin and sweat + metal touching the body just doesn’t sound like a good mix for me!

    1. ive never heard of oat flour!?!? where did you get it?

      and I do wear my ear rings (studs) and one ring to the gym.Oh and the necklace I always wear. Thats very light. Its never bothered me before! haha

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