A day in the life of….

Andrew and I had a crazy saturday! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

6am: Andrew wakes up 😦

7am: Breakfast

8:15am: gym for a quick workout (20min treadmill 10 min bike)

9am: home for a shower and dressed

9:30: leave the house for the History Museum w/ the boy scouts

11am: Leave museum and head to basketball

11:30: Andrew’s basketball game

1pm: Lunch of leftover pizza w/ some grapes

2pm: Andrew to my parents and I went to a meeting

3:30pm: Home from meeting. Andrew dressed

4pm: Andrew’s soccer game (thats andrew in the yellow socks)

5:30pm: Meet parents at the Boat House for dinner

7pm: Andrew home to bed. I went to an engagement party for a family friend

11:30pm: Climb under covers ZZZZzzzzzzz

7 thoughts on “A day in the life of….”

  1. Whew! Sounds like my kind of day….glad you weren’t up too late…
    Have a good Sunday..hope it’s a little more restful!!!

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