Heart on my pillow

Today was just another day at work. It went well except I ate everything in sight. I just can’t get it together. yet I still have this cycle.

Eat bad. guilt. exercise. eat better. sleep better. eat bad again. (WHY!!!!)

ANYWHOOOOO moving on to happy news!

I came home to find this cut out heart from Andrew on my pillow. He is the best six year old!

I also saw this on FB and thought it was appropriate.

Question for you:

How did you spend your Monday?

I’m looking forward to Tuesday night…..date night!

LOVE or HATE Valentine’s day?

2 thoughts on “Heart on my pillow”

  1. I know that cycle too 😦 It’s a hard one to break, just take it one day at a time!
    I actually love Valentine’s Day because I love candy and I like having a little silly holiday in February when not much is going on. (although this year there will be a lot going on!)

  2. He is too cute!!! I love Valentine’s day because it is the day after my birthday!! Makes for a good week 🙂 Also, I fall into that same pattern every week…eat well Monday- Friday morning, turns to crap Friday evening – Sunday! GAH I need to determine how to break the trend!

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