Does it ever end?

Today started out COMPLETELY different than yesterday. I was reading Mockinjay till 11:30 last night. I JUST NEEDED T FINISH IT! And that I did.

Unfortuantly, at 1am I was woken up by Andrew with a stomach ache, and since then he has been throwing up 😦

He seems to have some sort of stomach bug, and is visiting the bathroom every 20-30 min. and there isn’t anything I can do…..

The past hour he has felt better, so we went and got a movie (sonic. BOO. But I let him pick) And I got a starbucks coffee. Only two hours sleep…….Kristen doesn’t function on that haha

And to think, this time yesterday I was getting ready for my bike ride

I was looking at my stats- thanks to my Garmin. Although it didn’t split it up by each mile (which I like. Need to figure out how to do that again)

I need a bike carrier for my car haha

Total miles: 15.2

Total Time: 59:27 ( Iwanted to finish under 1 hour-SCORE! And there are also about 10 stop lights along the trial)

Avg Pace: 3:54/mile

Avg Speed: 15.3mph

Max Speed 22.3 mph

Avg Heart rat: 153bpm

Max Heart Rate: 169 bpm

Totall Calories: 793 (SWEEEEETTT)

Question for you:

Do you use, a garmin, or other device to record your workouts?

1 thought on “Does it ever end?”

  1. Garmin for outdoor runs….HRM for indoor – p90x, or other DVD workouts. New treadmill has info (not sure if it’s accurate, but I’ll use it for now)
    So, so sorry he’s not feeling well! Poor little guy! Hope you washed a MILLION times and Lysol-ed everything! You can’t get sick, too!!!

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