Time for the bike

Happy wednesday!!!!

Wanna know why I’m so happy??? I’m off work today!!! WAHOOOO! I also got a ton done

7:45 Take Andrew to school

8:00 Get my car inspected so I can get the tags for my car (BOO) But I just read MockingJay!

8:40 Off to get the tags.

10:00 It is 50 degrees here!!! No mood for a run. SOOO 15.5mile bike ride!

think my helmet was on too tight? haha

11:15 Grocery store

Damn. Lots done even before noon!!

Then I took a shower. Made a green monster (which I havent made in FOREVER! delicious)

More reading. And nap. haha. that wasn’t planned. But I slept like a rock for a good hour!

3:00 Andrew from school and we headed to the park w/ other kids from the school

Dinner was a brand new recipe for me from Peanut Butter Fingers. It is called Cheesy Baked Pasta

Can you tell which side is Andrew’s?? haha. I forgot the sauce. OH WELL. it was still good

Now its time for trashy TV, reading and bed!

Question for you:

Where do you find new recipes?

3 thoughts on “Time for the bike”

  1. Can you believe how warm it’s been!?! Today we were in the 60’s!! Crazy! So…waiting for the date night update! Don’t leave me hanging! 😉

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