In my belly

Yesterday, I ate everything in sight. I couldn’t figure out what was going on (except that I didn’t get any sleep. I was feeling BLAH from not working out) ILLNESS UPDATE: Andrew is not throwing up and no longer has a fever. My lymph nodes are still large throughout my body, but nothing hurts. I just feel really really tired.

SOOO today,  I decided to keep myself accountable and show you guys what I ate.

Breakfast: Egg, PB, banana sandwich

Lunch: Leftover Cheesy Pasta and grapes

Dessert: Wonton Wrappers + cinnamon/sugar (not healthy AT ALL)

Snack: Apple and colby cheese- YUM

Dinner: Taco Bowl w/ milk

Dessert: Yo My Goodness Fro Yo

Andrew and I really enjoyed it!


Carbs: 200

Fat: 76

Protein: 86

OK. HOLY MOLY carbs. I did better on the calories than I first thought I would do. That meal for breakfast 500 calories!! EEK!!!!

(any advice. recipes. I will GLADLY take them. Im a sponge- give me info haha)

Question for you:

What is something you had today?

Love Fro Yo?

6 thoughts on “In my belly”

  1. I eat a boat load of calories for breakfast too but that works for me. Keeps me from snacking all day. And eggs with PB and banana??? Interesting…
    And you totally ruined my dinner plans. I was going to make a chicken fajita salad (similar to your dinner) but I saw that cheesy pasta and OMG I WANT! And I have all the ingredients at home! ACK!

    1. haha sorry to ruin your dinner! it really was good, and then more veggies you add, and less cheese, it really isn’t too bad for ya. ANd I know the eggs, banana, PB thing sounds weird, but it is SOOO good. and Extremely filling

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