its that time again


(thank you Tiffany for reminding me to update you guys!)

After work on Tuesday, I headed over to Chris’ house to watch a movie. We choose “In Time” w/ Justin Timberlake. It was actually really interesting, but a little long. But maybe that’s because we both worked and it was getting late.

I will say I really like Chris. He is funny, nice, and I never feel akward around him. (Ok. so now is the time I tell you I don’t think its going to work out. Thats usually what happens w/ this whole dating thing.) Well. I’m not sure is going to work.

Chris just got out of a 4 year relationship, that didn’t end well, a few months ago. He is just starting to get back into the dating scene. Unfortuantly, I think we are not on the same page about what we want from “this”. Because the wounds are still fresh from his ex, he is more about just having fun, as he says. Unfortuantly, I found out he is also talking to another woman.

Now, I know we aren’t exclusive. I mean we have only been out 2 times. But I was never the type of girl to talk to several people at a time. I just always felt that was cheating in a sense. I also realized, I want someone who only wants me. Who wants to do anything for me, because I would do the same. I don’t know if chris wants that. Do I know if this is the end? no. But right now, to me it is.

Well there you have it. Another no.

On a funny note:

Today, I asked my dad who was playing in the super bowl (because I don’t follow football)

His response: “Um. Maybe thats why you don’t have a man. hahaha”

He of course was being extremely sarcastic, but I just realized where I get it from haha.

Question for you:

Do you follow football? or anyother sport?

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

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