Bad Blogger

So I found out, I’m a pretty bad blogger. (aside from the fact that Im not a TYPICAL healthy living blogger. But I try)

Yesterday. I missed my own anniversary. Yep livinlifeinlouie turned ONE!! And I had no idea  (shouldn’t they send me a reminder or something? haha)

Thank you for everyone who reads this blog and esp. those who have been here since the beginning!!!!!(my spark buddies!!!)


Today, started out when I got a new braclet! It even had my name on it haha

Well, this was given to me by the amazing people at the Urgent Care Center. I went to get tested to see if I had strep or not 😦

Yesterday, I woke up w/ a horrible sore throat. Luckily, the rapid was negative. But we wait to see for 72 hrs…….

 (remember, Andrew’s rapid was negative and then he turned positive. and the last day of antibiotics he got the stomach flu. I hope this isn’t my future!)

To reward myself for getting swabbed, I got myself some coffee. I took the advice from Hollie, and got coffee from the gas station.

I got this for $1.79!!!! much better than my true love starbucks at $4.99! YEA QuckTrip! It was soo good!!

Then I took a nap. Still not feeling well. NExt the gym for a workout. But considering I couldn’t breathe, I decided to hit the weights. Hey, at least I went!

Before I picked up the little dude from school, I picked up some new books from the library!!! Already started Divergent which peanut butter fingers suggested (if you like Hunger Games, you will like this she says)

I’m trying to save some $$$ because I want to take Andrew somewhere on his spring break (any cheaper suggestions???)

I love reading, but $10+ per book can defiantly add up. And the library is in walking distance from my house!

Here’s to a new happy, healthy, and active week!!!!!

Question for you:
Where should I take Andrew for vacation that won’t be too crazy expensive??

What do you think of gas station coffee?

6 thoughts on “Bad Blogger”

  1. I am also a coffee snob, but Wawa (a convenience store here in NJ) does have good coffee…and recently, it was any size for $1…used some of my gift cards! Though the other day I did get a 24oz for their reg. price and it was $1.66! Not too bad! When I do go to Starbucks (and I use a GC!) I just get their dark roast drip coffee….I don’t really like the fancy ones anyway!
    I read that book “Remember Me?”… I think it was pretty good. Reminds me, I need some new books – though I really should be reading my text books and studying!!! HA!

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