Nursing School

Yesterday, I mentioned how my life would be different if I hadn’t gone to SIUE. Well I thought I would share some pictures from my days in nursing school!

I started at SIUE in 2006, And met some amazing friends!

Im sure that pink shirt was cool back then. ok maybe night......haha


The four of us met, but didn’t become best friends (or the F4) till we were all in clinicals together.

 We have a wide range of personalities. Some are quiet at first, others outgoing. BUTTTT we ALLL have the same sarcasm, and we laugh CONSTANTLY!

After we finished our pediatric rotation, we went out for maragaritas!

And finally we graduated!


I have no idea what I’m holding. but Im thinking Dont fall! Dont Fall!

I was wearing extremely high heels, and my feet were killing me. I had my brothers hold me up for pictures haha

 I still hang out and talk to the girls.

Even though, Jessica moved to California……

Sarah moved to Tennesse…..

And Carolyn moved to Texas……. 

After nursing school, I started working in the NICU. It is my dream job. I love working with babies and their families and getting those babies home, where they belong.

Question for you:

Did you ever change your degree in college?

Do you have your dream job? If not, what would it be?

3 thoughts on “Nursing School”

  1. I like how you guys still make time to get together! I am terrible at keeping in touch with friends but I still care about them all!
    I started college as a math education major (I just put whatever on my applications because I didn’t know what I wanted to do yet) but I changed my major to just physics (no ed) during my freshman year since I found the classes easy. I ended up finishing up with a math and physics dual degree and am now pursuing optics!

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