What do you do when you get a bad text message?

Today I headed to the gym w/ my new kicks and new headphones!

My last ones bit the dust, and there wasn’t anything I could do 😦

Luckily, these were only $8 at target.

Gym workout:

Treadmill intervals.

-1 min at 5.0

-1 min at 5.5

– 1 min at 6.0

-1 min at 6.5

-1 min at 7.0

-1 min at 4.0 Walk

– 1 min at 6.0

– 1 min at 7.0

– 1 min at 8.0

– 1 min 4.0 Walk


20 minutes of weights (the meat head was there again)

Then I got a text message. It wasn’t a good one. And I was pissed. Since, I was at the gym I head to the treadmill again! I ran for 25 minutes (until my legs were screaming because they were tired) I was SO happy I was at the gym, if I were at home I would have stuffed 20 tootsie rolls into my mouth before even replying to it. haha.

Question for you:

What do you do to control stress?

Any suggestions on strength training exercises?

(Im running out of ideas and I have to look better than the meat head haha)

7 thoughts on “What do you do when you get a bad text message?”

  1. Good for you! Hope you didn’t hurt the treadmill! HA! Glad you went for the treadmill over going home to the tooties….
    For ST, get some ideas from some of the workout DVDs….my cable company has them for free OnDemand. (oh, now I can’t remember if you have cable yet, or not!) I’m sure that the library must have some workouts…also there are a ton of them on good old SP! Pushups are an allover ST workout…you can always to a PushUp challenge for yourself. My goal is to be able to do 100.

    1. hahah. I probably did hurt it a bit.
      um. pushup challenge. I dont even know if I could do one haha
      I just feel like the gym has all this equipment, and Im not using it

  2. I ALWAYS buy the cheapest headphones because I go through them really quickly. Yayyy for being at the gym! Just run that stress away! I liked to work out to relieve stress but it sucks because I can’t really do much with my hip. Instead, I usually resort to food but I am really trying to condition myself not to!

    1. is the new rules of lifting a book or workout dvd? I defiantly need some more strength training in my life haha

      1. It is a book and super easy to read/follow. A spark friend reccommended it and I love it!
        PS. A lot of the moves are done on gym equipment but the book shows modifications that can be done at home. Yay!

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