La Playa wine fixes everything

Our Friday started out by getting Andrew to school, and then I headed to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes, then hit the weights for 30 minutes.

I also solved the mystery of the buff man’s workout. For the past two weeks, I have been going to the gym around 11. And there is an EXTREMELY buff young man who really doesn’t work out. He will do a few reps, then walk around. Then Repeat. Well today I realized he gets there at 8am and is still there at 11. (who has time for that!?!? haha)

Afterwards, my dad changed the oil in my car. While I sipped on coffee, w/ a hint of gooey butter cake from the gas station. I kept myself busy by reading my new book- I’m almost done!

I also noticed that my mom had put this quote on the refrigerator.

It is from The Help. We both watched the movie (I read the book as well. VERY GOOD read if you are looking for one. And the movie wasn’t bad) And it is placed by a good looking fellow 🙂

The rest of the day was spent w/ Andrew and my nephew. Then my sister in law came over, we went to dinner, and drank some wine.

Appropriate? I think so. I defiantly needed to have someone to hang out w/, things have been a little rough.

Anyway, time for bed. a busy weekend ahead!

Question for you:
How was your friday?

What are you doing this weekend? Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

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