What is your Real Age?

 A few weeks ago, I was reading Ali’s blog over at Food, Fitness, Fashion, (love her blog by the way, although she hasn’t posted in awhile…) Anyway, she found a website that had a calculate to figure out your “real age”.

The website asks questions based on your family history, your nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. It isn’t TOO long of a test and you just click the answers. It even says that Dr Oz. helped develop the test! haha
I wanted to complete it to figure out just how I would match up to my 26 years. It turns out I did  pretty well!
26.6 yrs
My Age
17.1yr “real age” -9.5
I was really actually surprised to see that my age was so much younger! But I don’t really have many health problems, and my family is quite healthy. I just need to get rid of the processed foods (and some weight!)

So wanna take the test????


2 thoughts on “What is your Real Age?”

  1. I’ve been using that site for a few years. Each year I re-calculate my “age”. I don’t remember what it is – I should re-do it maybe…but it is always younger! And of course, my hubs and I compete to see who is “younger” so far, I have been winning! Yeah!

  2. I had done this a while back! It says (after a very long survey by the way), that my real age is 21! I didn’t like some of the questions though because I don’t agree with what I know was the “right” answer but its pretty neat either way!

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