More pancakes!

Happy President’s Day everyone! Luckily, Andrew was off school today. I worked all weekend, and didn’t get to see him much 😦 So today we had a blast!

Well, first we started w/ some errands, which ended w/ a surprise for him!

A basketball hoop! His grandparents ,on his dad’s side, decided since Andrew loved basketball, it was time for an earlier birthday present. We just had to pick it up. Now…..we my dad and brother are going to put it together haha

I forgot this morning started w/ a brand new pancake recipe – DELICIOUS!


I must have been feeling creative, because dinner was also a new recipe! I will have those tomorrow!

While Andrew was at a birthday party, I made it to the gym. It felt so good to get moving after a weekend of eating and work was kindof slow.

Unfortuantly, the evening ended w/ Andrew having a red, scratchy throat. Dear Lord, please don’t be strep throat.

Question for you:
What is your favorite sport?

Have you ever cooked w/ wontons?


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