The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

This book follows Thomas who wakes up in a dark lift, remembering nothing. He can remember his first name and a few basics. But nothing about his family, or what he ever did before.

He finally arrives in the maze. And is surrounded by other teenage boys. He soon finds that they are at the center of the maze and each and every person has a job. One person cooks, another takes care of the animals, and then there are the runners.

The runners job is to find the way out the maze. But there happens to be surprises in the maze that don’t  make it safe.

And then the first and only girl arrives in the lift, and things change…

I highly recommend this book. I know I am on a kick lately, first w/ The Hunger Games, next w/ Divergent.

But This book is amazing! I finished it really quickly and I can’t wait to start the next The Scorch Trials

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