Calm Saturday

Saturday morning started w/ Andrew climbing in my bed and watching cartoons 🙂

I also called the doctor and Andrew’s 72 hr strep test was NEGATIVE wahoOOOOOOOO

Then it was time for breakfast and the gym. I didn’t have much time at the gym. But I got on the bike (my legs still kill me from my run!) and hit the weights. While working on my abs, there was this guy doing pushups like it was NOTHING. I think he might have notice me staring at him…….oh well haha


Quick shower, and then off to Andrew’s last indoor soccer game CAMPIONSHIP GAME. They have defiantly improved over the past weeks, but ended up losing 😦 They still had fun, and I had a blast catching up w/ the other mom’s

Next on the calendar, a hike w/ the cub scouts…….except it was in the 30s today. So we didn’t attend. Instead we hung out. I stayed off the computer. We played legos. I read alittle bit of my new book Fire. This is the Companion to Graceling.

I also headed into the kitchen, and made some homemade granola (two kinds!!) recipe to come soon!

We also watched the Mizzou (tigers) -KU (jayhawks) game. If you are from the Midwest, you know they don’t like eachother.

 I didn’t attend either school, but we cheer for Mizzou (although I know some pretty intense fans from both sides!)

Andrew unfortuantly, is still trying to gain all his energy back, and was exhausted! He feel asleep on my lap. It made my heart grow, and hope he will never grow up

We had an AMAZING evening of doing nothing. We haven’t had this in so long. We had hamburgers (I tried paleo hamburger buns) and we got ice cream for dessert.

Question for you:

Do you watch your alma mater play any sports?

How is your weekend?

(Is it freezing now where you are?)

5 thoughts on “Calm Saturday”

  1. I went to an all women’s college, so there’s no watching anything they do unless you actually go there to a game! My husband went to Lehigh, not really a big sport school either.

    I did live in Chapel Hill for a while so I will often root for the Tarheels in b-ball. Otherwise, we really don’t follow too much college sports. We have friends who went to Virginia Tech and one who went to Georgia Tech, so when they play each other we get into it a little….

    Love when they fall asleep on you…my little one will do that sometimes – she and Andrew are the same age, I think…1st grade…I don’t have as much trouble with her growing up as I do with my oldest getting older/more independent….that totally breaks my heart. Oh, the trials of motherhood!!!

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