Windy City

Today started off w/ twin pancakes 🙂

Andrew had blueberry

and I had banana and agave nectar, w/ a side of scrambled eggs

The reason Andrew and I had time for pancakes, was because Andrew had a dentist appointment 😦

It was nice to not have to RUSH RUSH RUSH in the morning. He then went off to school, while I made a million phone calls and headed to the gym. I was going to run ouside, but the wind was crazy here (it blew down tree branches and the libraries fence!) I was afraid I would blow away! haha

I watched What Not to Wear while running/walking on the treadmill for an hour!!! I haven’t been able to do that in a LONG time! haha. I’m thankful for that show

I also racked leaves in the backyard (which just blew all over the place) and read my new book (after taking a shower)

But first I needed some grub!!! Homemade pizza, chobani yogurt w/ some chocolate granola while watching Ellen

TIme to grab a coffee, pick Andrew up from school, and headed to the park for an hour.

Then I made a new recipe!! Pork tenderloin w/ blueberry sauce and green beans. Even Andrew ate this!! (recipe to come tomorrow!)

And we ended the day, by getting frozen yogurt w/ my parents. It was nice to talk w/ them about everything that is going on

now time for bed!!! goodnight!!

Question for you:

What do you have for breakfast?

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