Friday Movie Night

Happy Friday!

The past two days, Andrew has been off school. There has been so many sick kids in St Louis, the some schools closed!! This so they could clean the school (hope it works!!!) But isn’t that crazy?!?! I don’t remember school ever closing like this when I was a kid. (Lucky)

Anyway, Andrew and I started the morning w/ breakfast and the gym. I hit the treadmill, my legs were still sore from wednesday! (I need to start running longer distances- I have a half marathon in 5 or so weeks….EEEEKKKK

When I got home, I also made some different coffee. Can’t wait till tomorrow to try it again, and I’ll remember to get a picture…..haha

Andrew also had a friend over. They had homemade mini pizzas for lunch w/ apples

I had left over pork tenderloin, blueberry sauce, and green beans. DELLLLICOUSSSS. w/ a ton of granola and dates for dessert

I noticed some EXTREMELY ripe bananas. The perfect excuse to try a new recipe!!! (to come tomorrow!)

We had dinner w/ my mom and Andrew, and then Andrew and I got in our PJs and watched The Smurf Movie.

 It was really cute!  Now time for bed- Good night!


Question for you:

Did anyone get any crazy storms this week?

-A tornado touched down about 3 hours from here, and then today I heard Ohio had some pretty rough storms. I hope everyone is ok!

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