Sunday Dinner

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Sunday, Andrew and I had a very low key day. It was awesome.

We started w/ breakfast and church. A bit later, he went to my parents so I could go to the gym. I knew I needed to get a workout in, and he wanted to hang out w/ them, so we both got an hour to do that. It felt good to workout. Amazingly, I had more interest in weights than the treadmill! I know CRAZY!

Lunch was random: sweet potato fries, chobani yogurt & granola, meatballs, and cashews.

Dinner was family dinner at my parents! I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. Since Andrew and I have been sick, we haven’t been attending. We had a lot of catching up to do! And dinner was SO YUMMY! I made some weight watchers cookies. I also finished Matched AND Crossed (the second book in the trilogy) It only took me a day to finish it! I wonder when the third will be out???

Here are a few pics from the night!

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