Dizzy Run+ Making Change

Today I knew I needed to get out for a run. I just wanted to go to the gym and take it easy, but considering I haven’t lost ANY weight, I knew I needed to change things up to get the weight off.

The weather was also REALLY nice in St Louis

Saint Louis, MO

USMO078763°F (17°C)

The run started out SOOOO much better than last week. I was feeling great even at mile one. (Usually it takes me a few miles to warm up.) I just felt great. Then mile 4 hit and I thought I was going to pass out. I even got water around mile 2 and 3, but I felt lightheaded. I had something to eat an hour before…. So I headed home. I was a little upset because my legs felt fine, but I just didn’t feel right. I guess 4 is better than nothing.

I also decided for an ice bath. I know most people do this after 6miles, but I do  my own thing haha

After a shower and making some ice coffee x2 (recipe tomorrow!)

I drank it in my March of Dimes cup. I work in the NICU, so March of Dimes is very close to my heart. It is an organization that raises money for research on premature babies. Each year, the March of Dimes organizes a walk and run to raise money. In 2010 I even met Ali from Biggest Loser!

In St Louis, my coworkers will be there, along w/ many NICU graduates and their families. Also, families who have lost babies, come as well. And a lot of people wear shirts w/ the babies pictures on their as well. It really is a special day, I can’t wait till this year!

Today, I also started to tweet again (its been a week or so) and Colleen from the LunchBox Diaries, had retweeted a blog post that totally hit home with me.

Scott from Your Inner Skinny, just posted about how if you aren’t happy about something. CHANGE IT. It defiantly was something I needed to hear. In a few weeks, I have a half marathon that I know Im not completely ready for, but Im still going to do it. Walk or run, Im going to do it. Also, I need to lose this weight and Im the only one stopping it from happening. No more complaining just do it!!!

Question for you (from Scott’s blog):

What are you doing in your life to change what you’re not happy with?

9 thoughts on “Dizzy Run+ Making Change”

  1. I have changed up my eating since I wasn’t happy with where it was going! (Gaining weight). Time to knock that habit!!
    Sorry to hear you were dizzy. I get nauseous after runs sometimes and I have no idea why. It was in my Paleo for athletes book though and gave some possible causes/solutions!

    1. really. what did it say?
      also, I think that is so awesome that you are changing up the eating habits to help you, be a better you. You are a very strong lady, and you defiantly motivate me to be better!

      1. Well, it was actually a very long section and I have since learned from the next section that my nutrition intake while I run has been all wrong but these are some of the options they gave: 1) poor pacing 2) excessive fluids 3) excessive nutrients 4) dehydration 5) salt water ingestion (like while swimming) 6) none of the above. Yep, they seem contradictory. Like I said, the section on how to fuel during a workout helped a ton. FYI, I love this book and I think you would find it helpful too!

  2. Let me just say that I LOVE that you took an ice bath after your run – you work it girl! 🙂

    Now as to what I’m changing…I’m planning meals for my hubby and I so we aren’t just always fending for ourselves! I love sitting down to eat with him and am having a blast finding ones that my veg-head self will love and will satiate my carnivore hubby!

    1. thats an awesome plan! I feel that I am always rushing around, sometimes I have to tell myself to sit and relax haha. And I have a six year old to satisfy. I totally get finding a meal that works haha

  3. Any run is better than no run at all! And it’s best that you listened to your body. This whole watching what enters my body (for being vegan) has actually made me lose a pound or two! Though this weekend has the potential to ruin it. We shall see…I am going to try hard!

    1. yolu defiantly are right about that. I almost didnt run outside AT ALL haha.
      Also, that is awesome that you are losing some lbs! And I know you can kick butt this weekend (hopefully it wont be all dry noodles 😉

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