They are multiplying!!!!!

I have had absolutely NO energy today. The past few weeks, I will have energy for about 3 hrs, and then crash the rest of the day. (I usually start breakfast w/ eggs, PB, and banana. So I dont think its because of that. I eat PLENTLY throughout the day, but no energy. Im actually going to the doctor on Friday)

Ok that was a really long explanation. haha. The point is, Andrew and I didn’t do much today. We just laid around. He played basketball w/ the neighbor kids. We went to church. And finally family dinner at my parents. But I did want to show you something that keeps showing up around my house. I hope you had all had a great weekend!

I first found one on my computer screen

I started filling out paperwork, went to make dinner, and then later that night (after andrew was in bed), I found this written on the papers.

Love him so much!


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