Turning the negative, into a challenge- you in???

I had a pretty good day at work. (even though I was woken up at 5am by a text- thanks. I actually am awake when the sun is up.) but anywho.

Eating went really well during the 12 hour shift. I only had a few starbursts. But otherwise, Stuck to the food I brought, and felt pretty good. But for some reason on the way home, I started w/ the negative talk again. (maybe it was the sad Adele song haha)

You’re not pretty.

You have a huge butt. just look at it.

You are single for a reason.


I crawled into bed. Checking some blogs, facebook and twitter (I stalk its ok) And then Andrew followed. He snuggled up and told me about his day, and asked “And how was your day mommy?”

Oh it just melted my heart ❤

I also ran across a challenge on twitter. I had mentioned Scott’s blog a few days ago, and today he posted about challenging yourself. Doing something each day that is out of your confort zone that will better you or other people.

Say hi to a complete stranger. Eat clean. Get more sleep. Whatever it is. Just do it. Challenge yourself and see if you can do it. Because we all know, when there is a challenge, WE WANT TO WIN!

After watching Scott’s video, I realized I do want to make a change. I want to lose this weight. I say it ALLLLLL THE FREAKKIINNNNN TIME! The only person that can change it is me. I am the only one getting in my way. And WHY am I letting myself do that!~

This was my response in his blog:

LOVE THIS! because I also happen to be a person who loves a challenge, and loves to win haha. On a serious note. I need to better myself in a few ways. Luckily, I have already cleaned out the kitchen. Now I just need to eat when Im hungry. Not because I am bored, tired, angry, sad, etc. I have a food issue. I love it too much haha. I also know that if I dont love/care for myself it is VERY hard to love/care for others. I become really mean, when I have all these negative thoughts about myself. Anywho, tomorrow. my goal is to eat when I am hungry. not at any other times.

Tomorrow when I post, I want to show you guys that I can beat this challenge for the day. I don’t know how many days how should challenge myself, but HERE GOES NOTHING!

Question for you:
do you want to join the challenge?

Feel free to give me a challenge, I want to do this!

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