Challenge Day #2

So today was AS good as yesterday. I did go to the gym and run 3 miles on the treadmill and then hit the weights. I have been working on bumping up the weights, So far So good!

My food choices today, were great until about 5pm when I had this huge migraine and we had to go to boyscouts for Andrew. OH YEA. A bunch of screaming kids. It didn’t help.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a sip of wine and now I am heading to bed.

Although, I did make a great new recipe for dinner

I also got to share this cookie w/ Andrew, because we wont’ be together on St Patty’s Day 😦

Question for you:

Wine or beer?

What are you doing for st pats day?

5 thoughts on “Challenge Day #2”

  1. I could go with either, as long as they are the “right” kind! I’m so stinkin’ picky…Has to be Red wine and I prefer Pinot Noir….beer, has to be on the darker side, but not too dark, and not very “hoppy”…I prefer Guinness…but will also drink Bass or Yuengling!

  2. Aweeee I am sad that you won’t get to celebrate on St. Pat’s with andrew, but at least you still get to celebrate! I don’t like wine OR beer… haha I am lame! But for St. Pat’s I am hanging out with friends for once!! πŸ™‚

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