Lab results: time to get some sun

So the MILLION tests are back, and everything was normal but my vitamin D. Which actually really surprised me.

I did a little research….

vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that helps absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also helps regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, and function of the nervous system and immune system.

Absorbed from the sun, or in foods (milk, fish, eggs, and meat)

Normal values are 30-100. mine was 14!

Low level symptoms can include: depression and fatigue, weakness, backache, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, heart condition, and asthma

Causes of low levels: body doesn’t absorb it (crohn’s diesese, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease), obese, kidneys can’t convert it, dark skin, limited sun exposure, low fat diet, older age,

Untreated can lead to: broken bones, rickets (children), osteoporosis (adults), certain cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.

The interesting things for me would be that I eat/drink quite a bit that contains vit D. But, I do know that I have some of the symptoms (and all of this information was just compiled from different medical websites)

plan is for me: take a vitamin D supplement. One time a week. For 12 weeks. and then I will get retested.

My next question will be, WHY am I vitamin D deficient.

5 thoughts on “Lab results: time to get some sun”

  1. I told you months ago it was Vitamin D!!!! yeah! Glad you know what the trouble is and you have a way to fix it… There are many reasons why our country is Vitamin D deficient…it is a very big problem that is often overlooked. There are lots of good articles about it on the Paleo sites (Robb Wolf, Mark’s Daily Apple). Some reasons are, that we are overusing sunscreen…we don’t spend nearly enough time outside with enough skin exposed year round, we consume fat-free dairy products (remember, it is a fat soluble vitamin!!!) and we consume too many foods that have anti-nutrients in them which cause our body to NOT absorb certain vitamins/minerals….From my understanding of Vitamin D supplements, your body reads them as Sun exposure (ie:day time/light)…so if you take them at night, you won’t sleep well. Make sure you take it in the morning…that’s my 2 cents….

  2. A lot of people are Vitamin D deficient… all the points the above poster made were good points and probably right. Plus, it’s winter (well, most places) so people aren’t out in the sun as much anyway which could have something to do with it. I’m glad you found a solution though- good luck with the supplements!

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