St Louis Triathlon CLub

A few days ago, I went to my first meeting for the St Louis Triathlon Club. I talked about possibly joining this club before. So I contacted the group to get more information, and was invited to come to this meeting (possible new members are always welcome)


After working on the bathroom all day, I really just wanted to stay home, but decided I wanted to learn more about this group MORE than laying around in my comfy clothes 🙂

The group was absolutely amazing. I met Tara who is a member of the committee. I received A TON of information!

-There are over 250 members

-I was actually one of the young ones there!

-Each meeting they talk about a certain topic, this month was about Tri bikes and Road bikes. Why you want one or the other, how to clean them, etc.

– There is always food at the meetings (Score! haha)

– Not only do they have bike, run, and swim meet ups, but they also have social events. They have their picnic in April and everyone can bring their families

-The group has meet ups all month, with members setting some of them up. THey also have a “mentor meet up” every month. For new members to learn the ropes from older members.Love this idea!

– Not only do they compete in triathlons, but other races. And during the winter months they have a competition to see who can complete the most.  Also, they give points for certain competitions, and at the end of the year they total them, and you get a gift card to Big Shark

– They also have a swim a thlon. When you see how much you can swim in an hour. The girl that won swam 4450!!! thats crazy!!!

– Everyone was in such amazing shape. Which really motivated me to GET IT TOGTHER! haha


So I decided to sign up for the group. I dont know how often I will be able to attend, but I am going to try my best. They also have meet ups during the day during the week. This will work well for me so I don’t have to leave Andrew, I can just go when he is at school.

But I will keep you guys updated!

Question for you:

Are you a member of a team, gym, or maybe even just a group of friends that works out together?

4 thoughts on “St Louis Triathlon CLub”

  1. There are 6 of us in our neighborhood who get together for early morning runs…we haven’t all been together for a few weeks due to various injuries, but most of us are on the mend now, so we are starting up again. It’s kind of fun to have 6 crazy folks running the streets of the neighborhood at 4:30am!!! Groups are awesome….not only for the social aspect, but the accountability! If I decide to run at 5am by myself, it’s alot easier to bail out but when you told someone you’ll be there, then you’ve gotta show!!!

  2. We have a little group of us from work and our friends who go out for runs on Thursday afternoon. We do a 5K and everyone goes at their own pace, sometimes people do intervals and sometimes they just run it all out. Some people walk more than they run- it’s just whatever you want to do for 3 miles.

    The tri club sounds really interesting and fun! What a great way to get out and get to know/meet people plus you’d have friends at any races you decided to do :).

  3. How cool! Jealous!!! There is a running club in Dover where I go to school. They run together on Tuesdays (while I’m in class) and Saturdays (while I’m in NJ). Bummer. Maybe this summer I will join! And I agreed to pay on my adviser’s soccer team this summer. Oh boy!

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