Easter Egg Wreath

The past week has been a little rough. Today started out with cartoons w/ Andrew, but then I went to church. A great new church with my friend Chrissy. Her son is in school with Andrew.  And while there, I started crying. No joke. I have been really stressed about a lot of things. I am still exhausted, and this weight is not coming off. I am feeling overwhelmed.

Onto happier things. I ate alot better today and I even got in a pinterest project (and much faster and easier than the bathroom idea haha)

My brother’s girlfriend Melissa and I both wanted to do this wreath project!

First row

second row

Then place a few on top to cover holes

Final step is to place grass into spaces

Andrew took the picture of Melissa’s.

With his three star wars Easter Eggs haha

Ready for Easter

Andrew getting out of the way for the picture haha

Question for you:

Do you celebrate Easter?

Will you do any crafts?

 I would love suggestions 🙂

6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Wreath”

  1. How cute!!! Maybe I will make one this weekend!
    We do celebrate Easter. My dad’s side of the family is Catholic (And I went to Catholic school) but my mom’s side is Russian Orthodox. What is cool is that they follow different calendars so Easter is twice every year! Well, sometimes its the same day. But this year, Catholic Easter is the 8th and Russian Easter is the 15th. I am hosting Russian Easter this year since my grandma passed away. I live where she lived and it was always at “Baba’s House” so now its at mine!
    PS. What else is cool is I get to buy all the Easter stuff on clearance! Ha!

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