Food for work

I always pack food for work, but hardly ever share with you guys what I bring!

When I used to live at home, my dad would say I’m packing for a whole army, or “You’re going to eat all that?!?!”. For the most part. No I don’t eat everything. But if I am hungry, I would rather have a healthy snack that I bring, then go to the hospital cafeteria or gift shop (ie. candy and sweets) I also eat breakfast, two snacks, and lunch during my 12 hour shifts.

For work today this is what I packed:

10 am Breakfast: Oatmeal, PB, and a banana

12 am Snack: Apple and almonds

2 pm Lunch: Taco salad (ground beef, lettuce, cheese, corn,and salsa) sweet potato fries, and pudding for dessert

evening snack: cucumbers

UPDATE: I didnt eat the yogurt, and did have a few starburts

Usually if I eat every few hours, and eat the most before 2, then when I get home from work at 8pm I don’t go and eat the whole refrigerator!!!! (it’s happen before… haha)

Dinner: sweet potato fries and dates

Question for you:

Do you pack your lunch for work?

What is your favorite thing to have? or favorite snack?

7 thoughts on “Food for work”

  1. I always pack for work and I take a ton of fruit, Greek yogurt, protein bars, oatmeal, things like that. I usually just do a frozen TV dinner for lunch though. Our machines have mostly unhealthy things and I can’t afford to eat lunch out all the time. Plus, this lets me work through lunch and leave earlier! I love what you packed though- it doesn’t seem like too much food to me 🙂

  2. Hello! Nice healthy work food! I do the same: pack lunch and many healthy snacks for work-esp when I work a 14 hour day! Lots of fruit, yogurt, maybe a hard boiled egg or some almonds..(I still want to eat the whole refrig when I get home, though!)

  3. I do pack my lunch for work, though I am only there 4 hours…I get to school just as my kids are eating lunch, so I just eat with them. (though some days it is my breakfast food since I do some intermittent fasting and want my eggs and bacon!!!)

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