How much are you taking?

Today. was interesting.

I started the day by walking Andrew to school. This is probably my second favorite part of the day (besides walking home w/ him) But I just love how we get out, walk together, and get to talk. Today we played “dont step on the crack, or you break your mother’s back” . DId you ever play this as a kid?

Besides the fun walk, I was not feeling so well. Migraine was still hanging out, so I went back to bed. I mean who does this! I know I have been doing this for the past few months, but this is just not me. I am NOT usually this exhausted and tired.

After waking up (for the second time) I made breakfast. An oldie but goodie!


I also had an iced coffee on the way to the doctor. I will say she is amazing, and talked to me for a good amount of time so I could give her all the info about what has been happening the past few months. Of course, there could be a few sources of the problem, so I got a bunch of blood work.

To which I asked, “how much are you taking”. And I got this cool arm band to wear to the bleeding stopped. Dont be jealous 😉

Blood work complete. Time for some pistachios and the gym. Since Andrew is going to his dad’s this weekend, I decided to head to the gym and stay for as long as I wanted. I started w/ 20 minutes on the treadmill and then an hour of weights! I can already feel it!

Dinner w/ my mom for a beer and salad at Joey B’s while watching the Mizzou game, which if  you watched, you know they lost 😦

And to end my Friday night, I cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, and watched more basketball while catching up on blogs. It was pretty FABULOUS haha. But I was glad to get things done around the house, since this week I didn’t do much.

Challenge for tomorrow: Dont buy any food in at work. I have my whole lunch packed, I dont need to get anything else.

Question for you:

What games did you play as a kid?

-We also played rock school 🙂

Challenge Day #2

So today was AS good as yesterday. I did go to the gym and run 3 miles on the treadmill and then hit the weights. I have been working on bumping up the weights, So far So good!

My food choices today, were great until about 5pm when I had this huge migraine and we had to go to boyscouts for Andrew. OH YEA. A bunch of screaming kids. It didn’t help.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a sip of wine and now I am heading to bed.

Although, I did make a great new recipe for dinner

I also got to share this cookie w/ Andrew, because we wont’ be together on St Patty’s Day 😦

Question for you:

Wine or beer?

What are you doing for st pats day?

Challenge Day #1

Day 1 of the challenge is complete. And I feel like I did a pretty good job! How about you guys?

The day started w/ breakfast with Andrew. He had oatmeal, I had two eggs w/ peppers and banana w/ PB. FILLINNNGGG. I also had a gas station coffee

I surprised Andrew by being at his school for the hearing/vision tests. I also use to love when my mom came to school. The whole first grade was excited haha. I love seeing him ❤

I then grabbed some pistachios and grapes

And headed out for a bike ride.  It was 80 degrees outside, and since I still don’t know whats going on w/ my dizzy spells, I stayed away from running. Unfortuantly, the bike ride wasnt too much better. My chain fell off TWICE, but I was able to get it back on. I was able to get 10 miles in, but it wasn’t pretty. OH well better than nothing!

Lunch was a left over hamburger w/ ketchup, and a big salad: lettuce, cranraisins, sunflower seeds, pecans, and bleu cheese. Desert was dates and PB

I then tried to make my grandpa, who turns 85 today!, some cookies (recipe to come sunday). The first round didnt work out, but it will work for granola! second round: USE PARCHMENT PAPER

Andrew and I had a pizza  for PI day. I also had another note 🙂

We also filed out our March Madness Brackets. Andrew has Mizzou winning the whole thing. He loves EVERYTHING mizzou

And I had some “granola” w/ a Oiko’s yogurt. YUM. with new books from the library. I finally got the Paleo Diet for Athletes! Which both Tiffany and Angie have recommended 🙂

Challenge for today: I feel it wasn’t too bad. what do you think? I also NEVER felt guilty about eating anything. When I eat because of emotions I always feel INCREDIBLY guilty and pissed at myself for eating. then I eat more. So it is a big cycle. Today, I didn’t feel any guilt wahoo!!

Challenge for TOMORROW: Run at least 3 miles outside/treadmill, and strength training. I also want to keep Day #1 challenge up!

Question for you:

Do you have a challenege?

How was your hump day?

Turning the negative, into a challenge- you in???

I had a pretty good day at work. (even though I was woken up at 5am by a text- thanks. I actually am awake when the sun is up.) but anywho.

Eating went really well during the 12 hour shift. I only had a few starbursts. But otherwise, Stuck to the food I brought, and felt pretty good. But for some reason on the way home, I started w/ the negative talk again. (maybe it was the sad Adele song haha)

You’re not pretty.

You have a huge butt. just look at it.

You are single for a reason.


I crawled into bed. Checking some blogs, facebook and twitter (I stalk its ok) And then Andrew followed. He snuggled up and told me about his day, and asked “And how was your day mommy?”

Oh it just melted my heart ❤

I also ran across a challenge on twitter. I had mentioned Scott’s blog a few days ago, and today he posted about challenging yourself. Doing something each day that is out of your confort zone that will better you or other people.

Say hi to a complete stranger. Eat clean. Get more sleep. Whatever it is. Just do it. Challenge yourself and see if you can do it. Because we all know, when there is a challenge, WE WANT TO WIN!

After watching Scott’s video, I realized I do want to make a change. I want to lose this weight. I say it ALLLLLL THE FREAKKIINNNNN TIME! The only person that can change it is me. I am the only one getting in my way. And WHY am I letting myself do that!~

This was my response in his blog:

LOVE THIS! because I also happen to be a person who loves a challenge, and loves to win haha. On a serious note. I need to better myself in a few ways. Luckily, I have already cleaned out the kitchen. Now I just need to eat when Im hungry. Not because I am bored, tired, angry, sad, etc. I have a food issue. I love it too much haha. I also know that if I dont love/care for myself it is VERY hard to love/care for others. I become really mean, when I have all these negative thoughts about myself. Anywho, tomorrow. my goal is to eat when I am hungry. not at any other times.

Tomorrow when I post, I want to show you guys that I can beat this challenge for the day. I don’t know how many days how should challenge myself, but HERE GOES NOTHING!

Question for you:
do you want to join the challenge?

Feel free to give me a challenge, I want to do this!

Spinach Salad + Vinaigrette Dressing

On Sunday, we had family dinner at my parent’s house. I was in charge of the salad (YEA!) Although, I always feel that salads taste better, if someone else makes them. Anyone else??
Anyway, I picked up spinach at the store. My mom had blueberries, strawberries, and pecans. It was perfect! I then just googled to find the dressing….

Spinach Salad and Vinaigrette Dressing



-1 cup blueberries

-1 apple diced

– 1/2 c strawberries

-1/2 c pecans, chopped

-1 c cranraisins

Dressing Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup  wine balsalmatic vinegar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

(adapted from The Sweets Life)


-2 cup brown sugar

-2/3 cup butter

-2 eggs

-2 tsp banilla

-2 c flour

-1 tsp baking powder

-1/4 tsp baking soda

– 1 cup chocolate chips


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Spray a 9X 13 inch pan

– Heat butter and sugar on medium heat, stirring constantly

– Cool. Add eggs, vanilla, and stir. Finally Add the final ingredients.

– Pour batter in pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.


(no these are NOT a paleo recipe. lets clear THAT up. haha)

They are multiplying!!!!!

I have had absolutely NO energy today. The past few weeks, I will have energy for about 3 hrs, and then crash the rest of the day. (I usually start breakfast w/ eggs, PB, and banana. So I dont think its because of that. I eat PLENTLY throughout the day, but no energy. Im actually going to the doctor on Friday)

Ok that was a really long explanation. haha. The point is, Andrew and I didn’t do much today. We just laid around. He played basketball w/ the neighbor kids. We went to church. And finally family dinner at my parents. But I did want to show you something that keeps showing up around my house. I hope you had all had a great weekend!

I first found one on my computer screen

I started filling out paperwork, went to make dinner, and then later that night (after andrew was in bed), I found this written on the papers.

Love him so much!


Abs and Legs

Yesterday, at the gym I did a lot of arm exercises. It even hurt to put my hair up in my pony tail haha

So today, I decided legs and abs were in order.  All of these pictures/exercise examples are from (a site which I have used to track calories and fitness minutes)


-I used the machines today (I need to start loving squats and burpes, but I dont haha)

Seated  Hip Abduction

Seated Hip Adduction

Squats on leg Press

Seated Leg Curls







Side twists







30-60 seconds



Toe Touches/reverse crunch







20 each side



I can already feel my abs and I felt better working on a certain area.

Question for you:

What is your favorite ab/lower body exercise?

How is your weekend?

Stocking the Frig

Im posting in the middle of the day, CRAZYYYYY. haha. The reason is that I am going out w/ some girls from highschool tonight 🙂

Today Andrew has off school, so we started the morning w/ cartoons, breakfast, and the gym (where I am getting really bored of the cardio equipment…whos w/ me?!?!)

Next up, the grocery store! Andrew pushed the cart, while I threw in all the yummy stuff!

FRUIT: bananas, 2 types of apples, and cuties

VEGGIES: corn on the cob, sweet potatoes(HUGE!), asparagus, and snap peas

DAIRY: colby cheese, oikos greek yogurt (A DOLLAR EACH!), eggs, and shredded cheese. Also got milk.

NUTS:  cashews, english walnuts, and pistachios. Also honey, which I realize ISNT a nut. but it snuck in the picture haha

NOT SO GOOD FOR YA (well the dates arent bad): pudding, blueberries bagels (for andrew), and wine (YUM)

Before all the yummy food got put away though, I needed to clean the frig. It has been A LONG time since its last cleaning

Smells and looks MUCH better!

Question for you:

-What is something you get each week that is a fruit, veggie, dairy,nut, or other?

-Do you get bored at the gym? what do you do?