Spring Forum

HOLY MOLY. Is it a billion degrees anywhere else but St LOuis???

I actually turned the air on for 3 hours today. But mostly because my dad and brother were here working on the bathroom. The floor got framed out. And apparently it will go very fast after this…….ive heard that before


While they were working, I was actually at the hospital. But not for my regular 12 hour shift in the NICU, I was there for a 4 hour class. The topic was maternal drug abuse during pregnancy, and the effects on the baby.

Unfortuantly, the medical team does meet mothers who have used drugs (alcohol, illegal drugs, cigerettes, etc) during their pregnancy. And what is worse, the babies are effected.

baby Andrew

Today, we had several speakers from our social workers (LOVEEE THEM), our pharmacists (they spoke RIGHT over my head, but I love them too), and the last speaker was  a psychiatrist from another hospital.

There was so much information on what we can do to help these parents and babies, what physically happens to the parents and babies, and the future of these families.

The class started with role play. And guess who volunteered after 15 seconds of silence…..yours truely. I was the nurse who walked into the room of a mom visiting for the first time, and who had used during pregnancy. I actually get a little nervous being infront of  a big group, but I also LOVE it (especially if I know what Im talking about haha). It went really well, and helped to open the discussions to some of the parents we have in our NICU.

Question for you:

Do you mind being in front of a large crowd?

-funny thing, I hated my public speaking class my freshman year of college. Most likely, because I wrote it the night before. oops.

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