Vitamin D

I week ago,  I found out my Vitamin D level was 14! (normal low is 30). Today I got an email from fitness magazine, and one of their main stories was about vitamin D rich foods.

This is how I am getting my Vitamin D                            How I want to get my vitamin D


Fitness magazine had a few suggestions:


Cereal (not the healthiest option)

Milk (obviously)


Swiss Cheese

Shrimp ( I had no idea! Apparently it has 32% of your daily intake)

Oysters (ummmm. Ive never had these)

Grilled Oysters

Fortified OJ

Canned Tuna (umm. never had this either.)

Cod Liver Oil (I think Ill stick w/ the other options)


Question for you:

Do you eat most of these foods?

How do you eat tuna? straight out of the can (EWW) haha

10 thoughts on “Vitamin D”

  1. I meant to tell you – I have a 17.4 level (well, back in January when I was tested). I will tell you that seafood, especially tuna and salmon are staples in my diet, as well as milk – but after talking to my doctor, it seems although my diet is wonderful, I could be lactose intolerant and she said about 70% of Americans are – which means, if your body is not able to break down the dairy products, you cannot get the vitamin d out of them. So, I have made a change to all organic dairy products which seems to make a different a little (I tried the soy and just cannot!!!!) – also, 50,000mg pill once a week and she said by this change alone I should be up 3 points per week.

  2. I do eat eggs occasionally… but I take a multivitamin and a Vitamin D supplement, and I also get it through sunlight. That’s not hard in the south, when you’re running outside.

    I love grilled shrimp too! But a lot of people are allergic to shellfish so that is another problem along with lactose intolerance that could prohibit someone from getting all the Vitamin D they need.

  3. I take 4000 I.U. of Vitamin D every morning. When I ran out and didn’t take for 2 weeks, I could totally feel it…I also try to get as much skin exposed as temperature permits (and modesty!) when I am out with the dogs or with the kids at school. I do eat tuna, and I put it on my salad – straight from the can…I don’t like mayo or dressing. I also eat Sardines…LOVE them packed in olive oil from Costco. No skin…just yummy filets – tastes like tuna. Goes great on salad, too! I also eat 2 eggs every morning and love shrimp.
    My opinion on milk – it’s overrated. I find no need for it. My 2 cents! 🙂

  4. I bought some really expensive tuna at a race expo and OMG it is worth every penny! (Why I bought 2 cases of it there!) It is by Wild Planet and it delicious! It is also sustain-ably caught. Yay! I am really picky about canned tuna. That was the White Albacore which tends to be higher in mercury but it doesn’t bother me (fish high in mercury actually tastes metallic to me and doesn’t agree with my stomach). So I’m not sure about their brand but to be safe, when I do eat a lot of tuna, I stick with the chunk lite in water by Chicken of the Sea. I don’t like most other brands!

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