Passing on the love of Harry Potter

Tonight, Andrew wasn’t feeling very well (darn antibiotics) So we got our Pjs on early and started to read a bit.

I then asked if he wanted to start reading the Harry Potter books. I LOVEEEE the harry potter books and movies.

Andrew started asking about Harry, ever since playing the Wii game. I thought the movies might be too scary for him, so I can read the books and he can listen. (we both win! haha)

So we started the very first chapter. I asked him what he thought he said “I want to read the whole thing in one day!” funny. since that is what I did when I read it the first time …..

I also, just started this book. Which sounded kindof off to me, but now I can’t put it down!!! I love the main character

I am about half way through, and get put it down. I wonder if there is a second book……

Question for you:

Did you read the Harry Potter books or see the movies? a fan? or not so much?

3 thoughts on “Passing on the love of Harry Potter”

  1. LOVE the movies! No time for reading much lately so those will have to wait I guess. And when I do read a book, I’m a dork and read ones I’ve already read before. Besides, I have like 10 book in cue that I have bought already but haven’t read! Hehe

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