Vacation Location

Following our 13 hour day of traveling, we finally arrived at our condo!

My mom found an amazing deal for a condo at the Gulf Shores Plantation.

I wanted to share some not so awesome pictures, but I hope you guys get the idea!

Our is the peach colored complex 🙂

Andrew trying to get out of the picture haha…not quite

Andrew looks in pain, Im not sure why….

Our room 🙂

I’m so glad I don’t have a twin bed anymore haha.

Of course, there was this sign right outside our place.

DANGER. Alligators are not pets. Stay back and do not feed.


Question for you:

Would you rather stay in a house, condo, hotel, or some other place when traveling?

3 thoughts on “Vacation Location”

  1. Travel!?!? So, if we WERE to travel, I’d say condo…less to clean up after…we do go to family vacation places in the summer – a cabin with no running water in the mountains and a beach house…those are nice since they belong to family members it feels like “home away from home”! Looks like you had a nice place to relax!

  2. Rob and I do bed and breakfasts whenever we travel. We love the homey feel and the free breakfast! Love it when they have a formal sit down breakfast with the rest of the guests too. You get to meet some really interesting people!

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