Trip to the dermatologist

Yesterday, I was feeling back in the game! I have only been taking vitamin D for 5 weeks now, but I feel awesome! My energy is coming back~ WAHOOOOOO

The day started w/ a trip to the gym. I didn’t have much time, so I stuck w/ the interval training for 40 minutes on the treadmill

Next, was a trip to the dermatologist. I read Alyssa’s blog at Life of Bliss, and within the past few months she was diagnosised w/ skin cancer. And just a few moles that looked normal! She had them removed, and it seems that she is doing well

Which is great news! But it got me thinking. I use to tan A LOT. I also LOVVEEEE going to the beach and laying out. ( I did not do this on our most recent trip) I knew I needed to get checked out.

Dont you just love the hosptial gowns……….haha

Luckily, I got a clean bill of health! I was extremely excited about that!

No time to dwell, it was time to work on the main floor bathroom (and by this, I mean my dad and brother). We have the floor in!!!!

While I cleaned the backyard, mowed and trimmed the grass. For 3 hours!!

Man. I was beat!

Question for you:

How is the weather were you are? What are you doing w/ all this nice weather?

5 thoughts on “Trip to the dermatologist”

  1. It’s actually very cloudy and dreary here today! But typically in the nice weather I just run outside and all that good stuff. However, it’s getting a little TOO warm for that here now.

    Glad everything was okay at the derm. I’ve read that blog too, I think, and it’s scary. My mom had malignant melanoma so I’m especially careful myself now.

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