Before and After: Mantel

I love “before and after” shots.

From Fall to Christmas, messing w/ contact paper, I even have a previous mantel before and after.

Today’s isn’t such a big deal, but I LOVEEEEE the after.

I have this picture from pinterest (yup. I love it and yet it gets me in trouble haha)

I found these really pretty flowers at Target, and bit the bullet and bought them for the mantel.



Question for You:

What is on your mantel?

Do you like having flowers around the house?

3 thoughts on “Before and After: Mantel”

  1. I *wish* I had a fireplace!!! We have this ledge that runs the length of the house though and we have to just keep it clear because the cats use it as their personal runway. I did manage to put a nice multi height candle holder in the middle from Pottery Barn. They just jump down to the couch and back up to get around. Haha!

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