The past few days…..

I was suppose to work Thursday and Friday, but my tooth had other expensive and painful plans. I have had trouble w/ this one tooth before, after just around this time last year.

Two mornings ago, I was woken to extreme pain in my tooth. I took some pain meds, and then I had to decide if I was going to go to work or not. (it hurt THAT bad).

After only 4 hours of sleep, lots of tears, and a call, I decided not to go to work, but to make it to the dentist. Ibprofen was just not cutting it, and they couldn’t squeeze me in until 2pm. AHHHHH.

After sleeping A LOT, getting some xrays, the dentist told me I had some much swelling around the tooth. My left cheek was HUGE. I tried to get a picture

not the best picture of me, but I was in a bit of pain

I stopped to get a milk shake, they make you better right?!?! I also got antibiotics and vicoden

I. Hate. Vicoden. It makes me so sick! So I had to decide if I was going to be nauseus or have tooth pain. I decided on the nausea.

So I had to deal with the pain ALL of thursday. Didn’t get much sleep. And then I got 1/2 of my root canal done on Friday morning. I have so much swelling, we have to wait a week for me to go back. GREAAATTTTT.

Luckily, my dad is a super hero! And took me to my appointment. I was so sick. (we had to pull over a few times) There was  no way I could have gone by myself. Vicodin really is the devil. “But that stuff works” my dad said. haha

Friday night I felt better. More dehydrated with a headache. The nausea isn’t so bad, but I haven’t had vicodin since 6am.

Hoping I can work this weekend……..

Question for you:

Have you ever had tooth issues?

What fun things are you doing this weekend?

12 thoughts on “The past few days…..”

  1. Tooth pain is the devil, not so much vicadin (I’m with your dad, that stuff works!!!)
    I’m sorry it’s been a crazy couple of days (filled with intense pain) for you. Rest and relax. Sometimes I’m a bug believer that things happen such as this to continue to remind us … Slow down and take time for you. You don’t do it on your own so your body says … Alright. Downtime.
    So take off work (peer pressure) grab another milk shake (and vicadin) and park yourself in bed with movies. Doctors orders

  2. Oh, you poor thing! Hope you feel better…
    Tonight hubs and I are going to run a mudrun…it’s supposed to be in the dark (NightOps it was called) but I signed us up for an early wave so we should be done by 8pm and it will still be dusky…I’ll let you know how it goes!
    feel better!

  3. Oooooh ouchies!!!! I have nightmares about losing my teeth!!! I am sorry you had to go through that! And milkshakes totally make you feel better (is that a Gilmore Girls reference by the way??)
    No big plans this weekend really. Rugby, celebrate Lauren’s birthday, and maybe fight night at a friend’s house. Then homework homework homework!

  4. Oh wow! Really sorry about your tooth- and yes, you look like you feel horrid in that pic! I woke up to crazy pain on Easter Sunday morning and had to make an emergency appointment that next week to get antibiotics and pain pills, but nothing too strong. I ended up getting the tooth (wisdom tooth) removed.

    Toothache pain *IS* the worst pain in the world (although I haven’t experienced labor pain). And it sucks when the side effects of feeling like crap from medication to the point where you don’t want to take it. Glad you got some of the root canal done and hopefully you get full relief soon!

      1. Oh I’m fine now! But after I had the tooth pulled, I was pretty much out of commission for like 4 days :(. Still though, to not have that pain again is worth it.

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