All girls need flowers

I feel like I have a BILLION updates. It has just been one of those weekends and it has dragged onto Monday haha

My tooth is feeling a million times better, and I don’t look like a chipmunk (as much…… haha)

 I was able to make it to work this weekend, unfortuantly, I didn’t have the best day. On Sunday, I actually had a family become very upset and yell at me for something that didn’t even happen on my shift. The baby was also not stable.

But today is where the most action occurred. I only worked a 1/2 shift, because I had to take Andrew to the allergist. But during those 6 hours, I was yelled at by the same family again. Cried during rounds to the medical team. And had a family meeting w/ this family. I didn’t even start charting till11!!! I didn’t eat the whole time I was there……. Being that this happened two days in a row, I am emotionally spent.

Luckily, I was able to get out of there on time to meet Andrew and his dad for his appointment. Since Andrew has had MANY ear infections, and strep throat cases we are seeing the allergist and the ENT specialists. Today, he had his allergy tests.

It actually went really well. We found he was only allergic to a certain mold and ragweed. And who isn’t here in st louis???? But now, we have to wonder what is causing all these infections

I also found another mouse in the basement.   why was I in the basement you ask? I was having a little cry session while cleaning. haha

Instead of eating A TON of ice cream and crying my eyes out, I cleaned and then found some amazing roses in my backyard.

I even told my dad I hate rose bushes (which I do) but they are so beautiful!

I had to pick some and bring them in the kitchen. See the huge one on the right!!!!

We then went on a walk. It is amazing what flowers and a walk can do  🙂

I am hoping for a tearfree pleasant Tuesday!!

Question for you:

Have you ever had allergy tested? Are you allergic to anything?

-I am not allergic to a thing. I am lucky, especically since everyone in St Louis seems to have issues

Have you ever had one of those days at work?

6 thoughts on “All girls need flowers”

  1. That allergy test looks so miserable! I’m glad I don’t have allergies and haven’t been tested.

    Sorry about your day at work :(. Those kinds of things just happen, it goes that way with all jobs. I hope it gets better for you soon though and that your tooth gets better because that has to make it that much more miserable!

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